Pansonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 Blue

panasonic dmc-zs7 blue 

Panasonic has released the DMC-ZS7 digital camera and it is one of the best small cameras on the market now in a stylish blue color. With a number of features including 12.1MP optical zoon. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 Blue is a very popular digital camera with 12.1MP and 12x optical zoom. With a small compact body and sleek design this camera can be taken anywhere and easily fits into your pocket. No need to buy a large bulky SLR camera. Take great professional pictures without the expensive digital camera cost. It also includes an easy record button that allows you to record movies at the touch of a single button. You can also make motion JPEG images. Included is a high quality stereo microphone to capture audio for your movies.

It also enjoys a 25mm ultrad wide lens with its own Intelligent Resolution Technology. With an optional cable the DMC-ZS7 can be connected to a TV via a HDMI connection so you can view your photos on the large screen.

This camera is powerpacked with features you are likely to find in the higher range models. With so many positive reviews it is the most powerful and stylish camera available for its price.

Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS7 Blue Product Features

25mm Ultra Wide-angle Lens
The DMC-ZS7 features a 25mm ultra wide-angle* 12x optical zoom f/3.3-4.9 Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens (35mm camera equivalent: 25-300mm). Incorporating Panasonic's advanced optical technologies, this lens system is comprised of 10 elements in 8 groups, with 2 ED (Extra Low Dispersion) lenses and 2 aspherical lenses / 3 aspherical surfaces while preserving compactness. This lens system enables a remarkable 25 to 300mm range of focal length in this compact body. The powerful zoom of the DMC-ZS7 can be freely controlled even when shooting motion images. Inheriting the fine rendering and outstanding quality of the Leica Elmar lens, this easy-to-carry camera delivers beautiful images any time, any place.
* Converted to standard 35mm camera equivalent, at the maximum wide position. 

The 25mm ultra wide-angle lens* has about twice the shooting area as a standard 35mm lens. This enhances all kinds of shooting situations, like when you're photographing a group of people at an indoor party or shooting a large structure or sweeping landscape while traveling.
* Converted to standard 35mm camera equivalent, at the maximum wide position. 

16x Intelligent Zoom/23.4x Extra Optical Zoom
Thanks to the newly incorporated Intelligent Resolution technology, the Intelligent Zoom is available with the DMC-ZS7 which extends the zoom ratio by approx. 1.3x maintaining the picture quality even combining a digital zoom. This means the 12x optical can virtually extend to 16x equivalent. Furthermore, the Extra Optical Zoom function that extends zoom power to 23.4x* by using the center part of the large CCD to bring subjects even closer.


Powerful 12x Optical Zoom
The addition of AVCHD Lite HD movie recording doubles the appeal of the DMC-ZS7. This single camera lets you capture virtually all images in their natural beauty. It gives you both motion and still images, and ranges from 25mm ultra wide-angle* shots of sweeping landscapes to powerful 12x optical zoom shots (35mm camera equivalent: 300mm) that pull distant subjects right up close. The mechanism design minimizes the noise of auto focusing or zooming.
* Converted to standard 35mm camera equivalent, at the maximum wide position. 

High Quality Sound
A stereo microphone, featuring Dolby Digital Stereo Creator, on the upper body records dynamic, true-to-life stereo audio that brings out the power of your HD movies.

Travel Mode with GPS for both Photos and Movies
By simply turning on the GPS function, the location data and time are automatically updated. Great for travel recordings. The DMC-TS7 camera is acclaimed as an excellent travel companion because of a wide shooting range and hybrid recording capability of high quality photos and movies. The DMC-ZS7 further enhances its value by adding a built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) unit into the camera.

* At 3-megapixel resolution or less. 

  Technical Details

  • Features 12.1-megapixel effective recording
  • Features 12X optical zoom (4X digital/48X total zoom)
  • Built-in GPS function lets you keep track of your photos by location
  • Features 3-Inch LCD screen
  • Features optical image stabilization

Customer Reviews

" I recently upgraded from a DMC-ZS1 because I wanted the aperture priority mode (and okay, manual mode in general!!) The GPS was just an added plus. I use this as my "walk around" camera (restaurants, parks etc.) when on long trips and for "everyday" parties, BBQs etc. Have taken it out on two outings now and snapped about 200 shots. As with the previous ZS series, the zoom and overall pic quality for a point and shoot are outstanding. It makes a great "travel camera."... "

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" The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 is an incredible compact camera with a great set of features and build quality that the competitors simply do not offer. I'm not going to carry on about this camera as there are already plenty of websites and detailed reviews out there. I have I should mention tested both the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 and the Sony DSC-HX5V and the Panasonic is by far a superior product."

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